Eddie Stobart

Offering the directions for Eddie Stobart to go their own way

The Intro...

We have been working with Eddie Stobart, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of logistical solutions, for several years now. During this time, we’ve become one of their preferred partners for their leadership and management training programmes, largely thanks to the added value we provide, offering support to the training team which goes above and beyond what you’d usually expect.

The training programme was initially designed to establish good practice training skills, how to evaluate the effectiveness of the training as well as how to manage an audience. This meant that the team could take any topic and deliver content which was specifically tailored to the Eddie Stobart ethos. We were delighted that the team responded so positively to our input and then developed the confidence to be able to establish a brand of their own, based on the initial material which we provided.

One of our trainers volunteered to become a mentor for our contact at the Eddie Stobart team – this meant that they could get in touch at any time with questions, suggestions and ideas to reinforce the training programme and provide additional depth. It’s a non-chargeable service and has proved invaluable to the team which was newly-established when we first worked with them.

We’re extremely proud of the partnership we’ve established with the team at Eddie Stobart. We like to feel that we are more than just training partners and have become part of their team. We’re happy to say that the extra mile we’ve gone to support the team is an essential part of the relationship we’ve established.

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