RWE - NPower

Training on the Tube? Flexible learning for a diverse workforce

The Intro...

Delivering training which is responsive and sensitive to the differing styles of learners is vital. When we partnered with RWE, which owns npower, we were tasked with designing and delivering a completely new programme called Stepping Up To Leadership which was aimed at those employees who aspired to be managers.

npower has a young workforce which is responsive and attuned to digital learning so we developed an online portal which appealed to reflective learners. Accessed via a laptop or tablet, the digital nature of the programme made paperwork redundant and enabled staff to prepare for a workshop beforehand via communication from the training team or other interested stakeholders. It also facilitates more effective communication between trainers and those attending, providing information about joining instructions, course details and content material.

e-learning is an ideal media for large organisations and is an example of how responsive and innovative training can work for staff at all levels. npower, which has a large workforce spread over a wide geographical area, has found the concept adaptable and easy to brand – maintaining the corporate style and ethos throughout.

It’s a reflection of the company’s forward-looking attitude that those wishing to develop within the organisation now have the flexibility to support and enhance their learning when it’s most convenient for them – at home, on the commute or during their lunch break. We designed the programme to include this flexibility because we understand that every individual has their own learning style which, when harnessed correctly, not only delivers for the individual but also for the company itself. Learning on the go is just one of the training programmes we offer.