Trafford Housing Trust

The Intro...

Identifying exactly what kind of training people within an organisation require can be a challenge. What works for one company simply doesn’t work for another. That’s why we spend time identifying all our clients’ precise training needs. An excellent example of this is Trafford Housing Trust which wanted to develop its internal capabilities but which had tried traditional training methods and found them wanting.

We developed a coaching culture within the Trust, rather than more conventional training, by allocating four coaches to the Trust who would work with up to 60 managers over an 18-month period. Trafford Housing Trust is one of the North West’s largest housing trusts so a new approach was vital in order to deliver an essential service to the residents of the borough.

The approach we took involved encouraging the managers to transfer their learning directly to their colleagues. Soon enough, the managers were confident enough to continue with the coaching philosophy and ten were chosen to be accredited using our framework.

By instigating this programme of enhanced internal capabilities, Trafford Housing Trust has been able to put in place plans for the use of in-house coaches for its current and future staff, thus investing in its own future.

Clients like Trafford Housing Trust are extremely rewarding to work with. Staff not only see the value of the coaching programme we developed but, more importantly, we have the satisfaction of ensuring that the systems we put in place can continue to drive the positive culture forward.