A toast to greater managers!

The Intro...

One of the UK’s best-known and loved bakery brands, Warburtons has a proud and delicious heritage dating back to 1876 and the company now produces two million bakery products across its 12 UK sites every day. We were delighted to win an extremely competitive tendering process to assist the company with its management development process and have been working with the team ever since.

We firmly believe that only by understanding a company in its entirety can we begin to implement change for the better. To achieve this understanding we visited a number of Warburtons’ sites and listened to staff members at all levels of the organisation. This helped us compile a detailed proposal of recommendations which included a number of ‘real life’ case studies to support learning and development.

Warburtons was keen to develop junior, middle level and technical specialists to enable them to discover their own ways of improving and innovating. We presented two very different solutions which would provide participants with practical tools to enhance self-awareness of their own leadership style, personal strengths and weaknesses; Acquire, an eight-day programme focused on managers who were new to their role within the company; and Inspire which was aimed at established managers and consisted of a two-day introductory course, followed by five optional one-day modules. Both programmes featured a bespoke 360° system at the beginning and the end to provide key feedback data on progress. We have now delivered 21 programmes to over 250 managers.

The process of staff engagement at all levels has proved extremely effective at Warburtons and has assisted with the rise of personal development and corporate success.

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