21 Dec 2017

Diary of an L&D Professional Part 8: 18 September


In - literally - 90 minutes I have got absolute clarity on the Apprenticeship Levy!

Did you know…?

  • You can spend your levy on a bespoke programme or map your existing programmes – I get to keep all the stuff that works well for our organisation!
  • Both the level 3 and level 5 standard that can be accessed, when designed well, are capable of being truly engaging workshops that'll absolutely benefit the business and the learners
  • The 20% 'off the job' is not the ‘1 day off work a week’ I’d all convinced myself it was. It's amazing what constitutes 'off the job' and it’s not much different to the transfer of learning activities that good training already has built in
  • Amongst all the stuff happening linked to Ofsted, there really are reputable companies out there to work with who are amazing at what they do
  • It's your choice whether you want your people to take a CMI diploma as part of their Level 3 or 5 standard – I personally love the idea!
  • There is SO MUCH SUPPORT available for learners when you're with the right partner - I’d want to be on one of these!