27 Nov 2017

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year… Already?!

I was recently having a meeting in my local coffee shop when I heard my first Christmas song for the season; it took me by surprise, “It’s only mid- November, this surely isn’t right! Christmas is weeks away,” but then it got me to thinking…

Christmas happens on the same date each year and, having heard Christmas songs, I realised that it’s only four weeks away, making 2018 even closer than I had thought!

[Cue mad session of writing lists and online orders, filling calendar with mulled wine and mince pies with neighbours, ordering a turkey… and the office Secret Santa!]

Back at work, alarm bells rang as I started to think about all of the businesses I had spoken to who suggested they wanted to start a development programme in the New Year.

Yes, next year is a few weeks away now but, with Christmas in-between and business shutdowns, we lose a few weeks of that all-important planning that is required when setting up any development programme, repeat or new.

Have you committed to your business that development programmes are coming next year?

If so, now is the time to get planning ahead and have those all-important meetings to discuss the requirements in full that will achieve the outcomes the business is looking for in 2018 and beyond.

Design in December

For the team at Instep to ensure everything is packaged correctly in terms of what you need delivering, Santa’s workshop needs to be in full swing a month prior to the first delivery day to make sure everything is ready, including supporting materials. So, if you want to start in the first few weeks of January we need to have the programme and materials designed and ready before Christmas is here and Santa makes his deliveries. 

This makes December a great month to design and plan your programme ready to launch in the New Year.

Team Instep: Elves?

We can help to relieve some of the pressure and give you a head start for a brilliant 2018. Contact one of the team today to discuss your 2018 plans and let us work our Christmas magic and help you wrap and deliver a fantastic gift of a programme to your business in 2018.

Get in touch with an Instep Elf today.