06 Oct 2017

Where did 25 years go?

Written by Peter Hitchen, Owner & Director

Well… were did 25 years go?

Being an armchair Stoke City fan I take occasional peeks at the BBC Sport website (usually with trepidation!) and this August I was surprised to see that the Premier League was, like Instep, 25 year’s old this year.

Over the past quarter century a lot has happened both on and off the field with football and, whilst we can’t claim to have the same global coverage as the Premier League, there are a number of similarities that I felt were worthy of a few words.

Well, for a start, we are both in the business of improving performance - at the individual and organisational level. However, whilst teams in the Premier League seem to prefer to buy-in performance improvement with endless reserves of cash, the mindset is slowly changing to nurturing home-grown talent by investing more in grass roots football, building better training facilities and promoting youth team football. Just like we tell our clients, utilising the talent you already have through planned and supported development, you can create your own superstars of the future. Instead of the cost of searching far and wide (usually within a transfer deadline!), paying expensive agent fees and then not being truly sure you have found someone who gels with the rest of the team, you get individuals who have grown with the team, feel engaged, are loyal and connected.

What makes the Premier League so special, with worldwide appeal, is the coverage from the likes of Sky (also an Instep client) and the excitement they generate both during the build up to the start of the season and then as the games unfold each week. Reflecting on this from an Instep point of view, prior to any training and development activity they undertake we impress upon our clients the benefits of promoting the training internally; of involving the participants and line managers BEFORE the training starts and then taking steps to review the learning and publicise the successes across the organisation.

As to what’s quite different between Instep and the Premier League, well our tickets prices haven’t gone up at the same rate as the Premier League, that’s for sure. Also, rather than sitting in expensive seats we actively encourage standing up at our events as participation and interaction are key to an engaging and memorable experience with Instep.

Whilst female football is steadily raising its profile within football and there is now a women’s premier league, we haven’t yet seen female officials at a premier league game. At Instep we have an outstanding team of female officials (we call them facilitators!). Our ladies have a wealth of experience and skills who work very hard to remain at the top of their game and to help train and/or coach the hundreds of leaders, managers and team members they interact with every week.

Congratulations to the Premier League for a huge success story.

Here at Instep we are very proud to have stood the test of time ourselves and for creating success stories for the hundreds of clients we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the last 25 years – with lots more to come hopefully!